Mandarin measure words?

My Mandarin text book teaches vocabulary without the measure words (unfortunately), Are any of you native speakers, or serious Mandarin students aware of a data base that gives the measure word for any given corresponing noun? I treid Google search, but it was useless. Thank you, WA

Mandarin help, please?

OK, I’m not sure if this sentence is correct, tell me if it is OK, if you understand it, please: δ»– 今年 高中 ζ―•δΈš, 要 ε‚εŠ  ι«˜ζ•ˆ θ”εˆ ζ‹›η”Ÿ. Context: A father is talking about his son’s educational situation. To all my Mandarin-speaking freinds, thank you for your help.