New Cousin My Aunt Is Adopting From China Agian.. Help?

My aunt has decided to adopt from china agian, after adopting a baby girl Sophie back in 06, but she was only about a little over a year when they got her (she turned 4 in june) Everything went as smooth as possible, and she adapted very well. She learned English as her primary language, so the language barrier was not a problem. However, the little boy Jax my aunt is going through the process of adopting right now, has just turned 7 and knows no english that we know of. They have just began the adoption basically, just sending in his care package not even 3 weeks ago. So, there might be another year ahead. If so, he’d be 8, and it would be harder for him to learn English, and learn the customs and get used to life.
Any parents who have had a similar situation to this who would like to send some tips?
And the whole family is using rosetta stone to learn mandarin, to help talk to him

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