Learn Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese, or Hindi?

Please take the time to read the entire details area. I’m currently a double major in finance & accounting with a minor in hospitality management. I honestly don’t know what I am going to do yet but it is obviously going to have something to do with accounting and/or finance in a corporate environment and I want a language that will help me with getting and excelling at a job. I have the chance to study abroad in one of three places and I want to learn the language that corresponds. Here are the various choices and corresponding situations/details. Any well thought out advice is greatly appreciated.
-All three schools are well respected and advanced in education and I am getting a wealth of scholarships to help in funding a majority of costs.
1. Pondicherry, India @ IISAC https://www.semesterinindia.org/
– it will be easy to get course credit transfered from here, it is very affordable, their website is extremely informative, India is very dirty, . Most people in India speak English so Hindi may not be as much of an asset.
2. Shanghai, China @ ECNU https://english.ecnu.edu.cn/
-it will be more difficult to get credits transferred from here, very affordable, nice looking but not informative website, Shanghai is polluted. Mandarin seems to be the most in demand language and therefore would be the largest asset but take into account all the details and situations before you advise me to choose this.
3. Tokyo, Japan @ ICU https://www.icu.ac.jp/index_e.html
-I am hands down most interested in Japanese culture, great non polluted environment, fresh/healthy food, very expensive, very modern school, same difficulty in transferring credits as China, very informative website, Mandarin is also taught here. Japanese seems valuable as a language but not nearly as much as Mandarin and Hindi but the biggest factor at this school is that the school/living costs here are almost twice as expensive as the other two.

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