Is learning Japanese and Mandarin at the same time a bad idea?

I’m currently learning Japanese. I have a very limited vocabulary, know little kanji, and I’m just barely able to read. Though I’m struggling to learn Japanese, I also want to learn Mandarin. See, there are two REALLY great Taiwanese dramas I’ve been wanting to watch FOREVER, so since I can’t find English subs for them, I want to learn Mandarin. I had always been interested in learning Mandarin, so now’s my chance.

Is this a bad idea? I mean, I’ve been trying to learn Japanese for quite a while now and I still suck at it (the amount of kanji to learn is also quite discouraging =P). I’m not entirely sure I should learn Mandarin right now ( it looks pretty challenging Q_Q), but I really want to. =/

What are your thoughts? All advice is welcome! 🙂

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