Translation to English from Mandarin Chinese? 每一个国家都要 齐备的美德?

Can you please give me the English translation of 每一个国家都要 齐备的美德. Is that a proper sentence or could the "qi bei de mei de" part make sense if it was a different combination of characters? Thanks
具备! a ha, I think it’s most likely ju bei rather than qi bei. That makes much more sense. What I wanted was confirmation of what "ju (qi) bei de mei de" could possibly be, since I heard it in a podcast and was trying to figure out the characters. So maybe some other suggestions as to what "qi/ju bei de mei de" could be after 每一个国家都要….

Sorry I know this question is a little confusing
I think 要 here must mean "have to" rather than "want" like in 我要去上班. I think Frosty Elf is probably the closest here. Anyway, will check back for best answer in a couple days. Thanks again

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