Kid in my class who can't speak English?

I’m sorry, but this is just ridiculous. There’s this new kid in many of my classes, and he can’t speak one word in English. He’s been going to my school for 2 WEEKS! All he does is sit in the class, he doesn’t do homework or take tests because he can’t understand what they say! Shouldn’t he be tutored or home-schooled?
It doesn’t bother me that he is in my class, it bothers me that he can’t learn anything, and no one’s doing anything about it! 2 WEEKS of not understanding a thing anyone is saying, but still getting up and going to school.

He speaks mandarin, he is chinese.
The teachers at my school are racist, they sat him next to another asian kid, thinking he would be able to translate for him. Yet, the kid who can speak English is Vietnamese.
Thoughts, anyone?
I don’t live in Texas.
I’m NOT a teacher. I’m a 14 year old student.
It’s just sad though, he has no friends!
I tried to look up some terms… Yesterday I told him ‘Nihao’ (or however you spell it) and he smiled and waved. I just feel bad.

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