Would Japanese guys consider dating a girl who doesn't speak, or speaks minimal Japanese?

I’m asking in the case of if:

1. He likes her/finds her cute
2. He does not speak, or speaks minimally, the language of the girl

Eg Japanese guy to Chinese girl (she speaks mandarin and English and SOME Japanese whereas he only speaks Japanese; and maybe SOME English)

This seems like a silly/stupid question, but please answer it, in your perspective (if you’r a Japanese), or if you noticed something (trend or whatever) about Japanese guys.
@cheapest: I came across this couple of facebook, a black guy and a japanese girl, and they are married, the girl speaks broken english and the guy doesn’t seem to speak japanese at all. So that’s why im’ asking this Q.they get along well though.
@cheapest: hai, sou desu. i’m asking about japanese guy and chinese girl.

@threeday: you are right. i don’t want communication problems. all is well if i can find a jap guy that speaks good eng, or if i learn jap to a high level… 🙁 is your wife japanese? how about you, can you speak japanese? i’m just curious, but there isn’t a need to answer if you don’t wish to.

@anna & jdoramaking: would they still date someone if they couldn’t speak the language, even if the girl is asian? and er, as far as i know i dont think most jap guys can speak english…most average guys on the street don’t even understand english well enough to give the right answer. imho, though.

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