Second language to learn: Spanish, German or Mandarin?

Background: I am Filipino. English is my second language I studied it since nursery.

I have been learning French for 4 years now and I think that’s it’s about time to start learning another one. I like all these languages. Mandarin I think will be a strong point for me in the future if I master this language but I dont have too much passion and interest for China. Probably just for the language and the tones. It’s like a song to the ears. I know it’s very difficult and so I must take it seriously. However, I have always wanted to learn another European language. I have a HUGE passion in Europe. Europe is my dream and I hope that I get to live there one day. France is my love. I think it would be an advantage to learn Spanish because it is widely spoken. However, German is also an advantage business-wise? What do you think? Im really torn. I want to choose the best one. My heart is with Europe (Spanish vs German) but I think it would be wise to learn Mandarin… So what is the next step? Help me please!

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