Is it possible to learn Mandarin during one year of study abroad in China?

I’m currently a sophomore at a 4-year American university in Paris, France. Racially, I’m half Chinese but culturally I’m American. I only speak English and French, so my mother is suggesting that I study abroad in China next year to learn Mandarin because I am a Marketing major/Communications minor and it would be useful. I would probably be studying at NYU Shanghai because my university has an affiliation with them.

However, my boyfriend thinks it’s more logical for me to transfer to a university that’s more beneficial to my major. He’s really encouraging me to study in California where I’m from and he’s even suggesting that he might transfer along with me. He also suggests I study at an actual French university so I can solidify my French because I am not yet completely fluent. His final point is that he believes that I will not fit into the Chinese culture nor learn Mandarin sufficiently enough during my one year abroad in China.

His points seem valid but I am still hesitant as to what I should.

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