Why don't people allow black people to speak Ebonics?

I’m from Africa and I speak my African language freely. The people from China speak Mandarin whenever they want. People from Spain/Mexico speak Spanish all the time, and other people from other countries speak their native tongue whenever they want. But blacks can’t speak Ebonics. They always tell black people to speak "proper" if they wanna get ahead. I hate that. Let these people speak their native language.
@Tyrone you just spoke it.

I forgot to add the motto:

we aint finna speak dat english dats dat white man speak me and ma homies speak dat Ebonics ya heard me
@Apple Pie, but you would hire a Chinese person speaking with a Chinese accent? What difference does it make? People just assume that just because someone speaks Ebonics they are dumb.
@Apple Pie, Ebonics is their language. Why should they have to learn proper English? Proper English is the white man’s language. Ebonics is the black man’s language. Why are people so bent on changing black people into something they are not?
Apple Pie, you’re dumb. I love hearing black people speak their Ebonics. You can’t talk for everybody. I wish all of you uncle tom blacks who love speaking the damn "proper" English would just stop disrespecting the blacks who actually are proud of their TRUE heritage.

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