Questions about the Taiwan dialect/language/whatever they speak?


1. I’m Chinese and my parents are Chinese. They say they’re from mainland China.. But what exactly is mainland China? Beijing, Shanghai.. Guangzhou, ect. ect.?

2. My Mandarin teacher at school is Taiwanese and she has an accent. She said she learned how to write in both traditional and simplified. Do all Taiwanese citizens learn both forms?

3. What do Taiwanese people speak, if they aren’t speaking Mandarin? Are they local dialects or do they have one, unified language with a name?

4. Does Taiwan have a different/separate pinyin system than China? My Taiwanese Mandarin teacher is spelling all the pinyin incorrectly and it’s really getting on my nerves, but I don’t want to call her out.. Is she following her own country’s pinyin system? Or is she simply bullshitting on the board?

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