Male using front right of throat to speak, instead of back: Am I only using one side of my throat and voice?

I started up a Buddhist practice that requires chanting, and I am also a student learning Mandarin, and Spanish. When I chant, it is usually for about 30 minutes or more, without water and without breaks. My right side, front of my throat begins to hurt, and later that day or the next, it is a lot harder for me to speak Mandarin (a tonal language).

Since childhood I was very soft spoken, and my parents have complained that I was too quiet or mumbling. I believe that my voice may be resonating in the wrong parts (in my throat instead of my chest), or that I am just not using the back of my throat to speak. Maybe imagine whispering versus yelling to get an idea of front versus back (for parts used).

On top of using just the front, I believe I have conditioned my tongue to always lean to the left when speaking, so only the right side has air flow. Close half of your mouth, and lean your tongue to that side, and then talk.

How can I fix my problem? Please include any resources.

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