Why the KLAJSDFLKAJSDKFLSD are people saying that in ten years people will be speaking MANDARIN?

ok if you look at my last question before this, you’ll understand what i’m talking about =s

1. China is not even a developed country. It is dirty both inside and outside, not to mention the horrible Chinese parenting that the middle 20th century has carried along to the 21st century. My parents are Chinese, they are the exact echo of their own parents. They are people who put money first before love. They are extremely greedy people, who CONSTANTLY pin us down into studying our arses off and getting a good job as the common DOCTOR, LAWYER, SOLICITOR to get money and "LOOK AFTER ME WHEN I GROW OLD." Let alone the amount of racism towards every other race just vibing off that crappy country.

2. The streets are dirty, you look at the roads, and you know that this ain’t a proper civilized community. People do not wear seat belts in their cars when they are in the back seat, people cross the road whenever they like, and sometimes walk in the middle of the road along with the cars, like it is PATHWAY. People spit everywhere, air is polluted, and extremely crowded.

For such a dirty, uncivilized country, how could one even think of mentioning the possibility of China dominating Earth in 10 years?

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