should i take mandarin or spanish in high school?

helloo people of earth! 😀

im sorry! but this is going to be really confusing… but ill do my best to make it make sence! 😉
ok so next year im going into 9th grade! i dont really want to say where i live on the internet so lets just call it A! i live in the city of A, but in the G school district. A has two school districts, A and G. the G school is about 4 miles away from the city of A so about 1/5 of the city of A is in the G school district (this is where i live). my school (G) is very small, only about 100 kids per grade, and A has about 400 kids per grade.

did that make sence? well, now you know about where i live 😉

now, as you know, my school (G) is fairly tiny so there is only one foreign language offered: spanish.
~however if you talk to the guidance councelor, you can take a foreign language at the school of A.
A offers spanish, french, mandarin, arabic, german, and a ton more!
~but – if you do this you have to take one period out of your regular school day for transportation from G to A.

i really want to take mandarin because the language is so widly spoken, but i really dont want to take one of my classes out to travel to A.

oh! here is the classes im registered for! (this might help…)

semester 1/semester 2
english 9/english 9
physical science/physical science
fitness pe/fitness pe
beginning drafting/beginning textiles & design —– elective
basic design/ceramics —– elective
word processing/study hall —– elective
spanish 1/spanish 1

~if i took mandarin i would have to take one of my elective classes out to travel to A.

my reasons for taking each elective…
~beginning drafting ~ right now i want to be an interior designer when i grow up and teh instructor said this class would help me
~basic design ~ in 10th grade 2/3 electives i want take are art classes and this is the prerequiset (or however you spell it…)
~word processing ~ i NEED to learn to type and use word/excel/powerpoint more efficently so im not up all night typing papers and such…

this is what i want to take in 10th grade….

semester 1/semester 2
english 10/english 10
advanced algebra/advanced algebra
world history/world history
fitness pe/fitness pe
health 1*/horticulture —– elective
drawing/painting —– elective

*health 1 is required in 10th grade — either 1st or second semester

i guess i COULD take out all of my art classes and make it work….
but idk if thats what i wanna do!

ooh! and also, my friend (who is chinese) really wants to take mandarin too so its not like i would be alone … but she offered to teach my mandarin outside of school so ya …

So! i guess what im really asking is if its worth it to take mandarin. (considering my situation) or should i take the easy way out and just take spanish?

please & thank you 🙂

P.S. o gosh im so sorry! that was way too long!

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