Should I learn Spanish or Mandarin?

I’m starting my first year of university next year and I’m going into "International Development & Globalization" (in short,, like international relations). I want to study either Spanish or Mandarin because I think it would definately benefit me in the future as I have the opportunity to study in another country later. Plus, what I’m really aiming for in the future is something to do with international journalism, travelling abroad. I don’t know if I should take Spanish because it is widely recognized in the world and there are a lot of issues in Spanish nations of South America. Or,,, Mandarin because China is an emerging superpower. I’ve always wanted to learn Spanish, but for my future I’m thinking that many world issues are going to involve China. By the way I live in Ontario, Canada now. Help please ?
Alot of my decision is based on my future too. I’m sorta leaning Mandarin because China is going to have such a world impact and I might have opportunities there

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