Chinese (Mandarin) dialogue help?

Hi, I’m taking Chinese III and we’re using the New Practical Chinese Reader II. I’m trying to figure out what the following dialogue means. The two characters who are speaking are 林哪 (Lin Na) and 马大为 (Ma Da Wei). Looking at the dialogue, I think they are talking about another character, 宋华 (Song Hua). Correct me if I’m wrong. Please also correct my translations and fill in the stuff I don’t know, especially the translation of the first part of Ma Da Wei’s dialogue (before the first comma). Thanks in advance!

马大为: 刚才宋华来了,他也问我,林娜去哪儿?
林哪: 我给宋华写信了, 他怎么不知道? 他现在在哪儿?
马大为: 他回宿舍了。

Ma Da Wei: [not sure about the first part before the comma], he also asked me, "Where has Lin Na gone?"
Lin Na: I have sent Song Hua a letter, how did he not know [where I have been]? Where is he now?
Ma Da Hui: He has returned to the dormitory.

One more question: Is Lin Na wondering if Song Hua moved and the letter perhaps did not reach him? Is Ma Da Hui confirming this?
Okay, thank you so far! I understand the first part now. But did Lin Na help Song Hua write the letter, or did Lin Na write a letter to Song Hua? I think it’s actually the latter, because the exact, word-by-word translation is "I have given Song Hua written letter." What do you think?
The person who said the former just deleted their answer for some reason…but I would still like to know what the correct translation is. 🙂

Thanks to Darkest Lights! You were very helpful.

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