How long does it take to learn Cantonese after you learn Mandarin?

I want to learn chinese. I was for a long time thinking of learning Cantonese first, but now I’m guessing its best to learn Mandarin since its the standard language. But where I live there is mainly cantonese. Even so, I guess it would be better to learn Mandarin, and then Cantonese. So how long will it take to learn Cantonese after learning Mandarin?

How long would it even take to learn Mandarin? I’m striving for 2 years. (For speaking) . Probably will be spending longer than 2 years for writing/reading.
Noone is answering the question. Only stating information that i already know or posting irrelevent comments.

The question is:

How long does it take to learn Cantonese after you already know Mandarin. The other optional question to answer is how long it will take to learn Mandarin.

I mainly want to know how long it takes to learn Cantonese after Mandarin. But thanks your answers anyway, I guess.

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