does anyone know CHINESE language? mandarin? please help! help! help! urgent!?

Can anyone speak mandarin? Chinese? please help!?

errmm.. I have a friend and she’s a beginner in chinese language,… she gave me these pharagraph and wants me to understand it.. can anyone please transcribe this?…she said that there is something in this words that is between our relationship and I dont know what it is…

I want a clear transcibe,, Its also ok if its not..I want to know it urgently… sorry for the bother…

"wei shenme, ni wei shenme lao shi ba kong qi quan dou xi guang le… hai de wo, ni hai de wo zai ni mian qian hu xi ji cu xu yao jiu hu che..bie kan wo xian bie kan wo wo de lian hong jiu kuai yao bao liao le.. mei shenme na you shenme wo shi jue dui bu hui cheng ren wo xi huan ni le…. "

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