Not feeling proud of my ethical background (I'm a Filipina)?

Both my parents are filo, but i was born in Australia. (pic of me: I’m not very filo looking >_<). Lately i feel ‘in superior’ to other Asians, because some often categorize us as pacific islanders. We are pretty Asian.

But i don’t feel that proud of being a filo. My boyfriend and his friends are Chinese and Taiwanese. They often mistaken me as their own and start talking mandarin to me, then i have to clear things up by telling them my actual nationality.

Basically i feel somewhat left out, and nothing to proud of my country. I feel that we’re looked down upon by other Asians as poor, selfish, gold diggers.

I think i just want some words of wisdom to cheer me up and enlighten me. Because i actually want to embrace my nationality >_<!

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