Mandarin Chinese speakers- pronunciation tips?

Hi everyone,

Today I began studying Mandarin, which so far has consisted solely of learning a few rudimentary vocabulary items and repeating random sentences from the first two chapters of my textbook and accompanying audio CD. Although I know it is far too early to hope for fairly accurate pronunciation, I have recorded myself saying the following short sentence very slowly, and would be very grateful for any advice on how I could improve: 今天六号。李老使来吗?

Here is the audio:

…thank you to the two who have answered so far. So, was I not producing the tones correctly? Was my speech simply distorted because I was speaking very slowly? Or was it a question of not articulating the individual phonemes correctly? By posting the audio, I was hoping for constructive feedback on what aspect(s) specifically I could improve, rather than a uniform rating from terrible —> decent.

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