Mandarin singers to help learn the language/dialect?

I’m currently learning Mandarin online, its a little hard since I only have time on some weekends.The course has "advanced" somewhat, with a lot of speaking/recording assignments. @_@

I was wondering if I could get some suggestions on a band or solo singer I could listen daily, just to get the words and sounds in my head. It would be greatly helpful!

My teacher recommended some obvious ones: Jay Zhou, Wang Lee Hom, and many TV drama series singers (Vicki, Jimmy, Vick, Leo, Alec) already, anyone else? I’d like more range, any underground or just new artists? Actually, I’m not to strict, just the vocals must be clear so just about any genre is fine.

[yes, I’m Asian, half Chinese actually so feel free to spazz out with your favorite singers, I probably know them but haven’t checked them out. :)]

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