Is there any good college provede student who wants to study in business and Spanish?

I have lot of questions to achieve my goal as an international businessman.
I am a Taiwanese student. I speak Mandarin and English.
I think that would be helpful if i learn Spanish in a community college or four-year university.
what i’m planning to do first is going to a community college which i prefer to live in a popular city and state such as chicago, LA…..
the first question, which degree do i need that can transfer to a four-year university? associate of arts or associate of business?
the second question….could you give me a link or webcite that can advise me to choose a community college in those popular cities? Or you may give me some advise what college is good on those……(in popular states)
the third question…if i want to be an international businessman, i should (major in business minor in spanish) or (major in spanish minor in business)??

sorry…i’m not a well-english-speaking person, some sentences look really stupid, i’m sorry about that.

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