Urgent!!!Are my hallmates normal or abnormal ? What do you think of their personality?Good and Bad ?

Last saturday night, I went clubbing with 4 hallmates.After I drank you bottles of beer, I started to feel dizzy.Also,I felt that my legs were as soft as cotton.I was feeling very excited.I felt that I had a tendency to giggle.However, I could still hear my friend’s onversations very clearly.2 of my friends,Liam and Katie,asked me if I was drunk or not. After that , Liam said to Katie " He was too bad, only 2 bottles of beer and he gets drunk , " he continues " No wonder! Because Chris ( that’s my name ) is a Chinese.Then Katie said to me " You should sorry for being Chinese . Haha " Then she asked me " You are drunk.. I ask you something .Is Bobby your best friend ? " (In fact, Bobby , 1 of my hallamtes,is the guy I spent most of the time to hang out with , but Bobby is not close to her)" Then, she talked Mandarin in a very strange way and laughed at me.Next day,1 hallmate(he didn’t go clubbing ) said to me " You got drunk last night right ? Many people at hall has known about this "
Are my hallmates racists
or not ?

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