I started having a minor stutter since 2nd grade. I'm in 7th now and I don't feel like a normal kid. Help

I’m a very outgoing person. But ever since 2nd grade I started having a minor stutter. I wasn’t born one, and none of my relatives do.
7th grade is a hard year. Now, sometimes I don’t feel like a normal kid.
I can’t say everything I want to say because I’m afraid that it’s going to come out all jumbled and mixed up.
I’m a very bright student and my friends are fine with it. I have a lot of friends by the way.
I really want to get rid of this problem. I’m perfect at everything else (I’m not lazy, I get Straight A’s, I can play Chopin on the piano, I’m athletic, I love school, and I have a lot of friends)
My parents say I’m probably going to grow out of this problem. I don’t know. I’m chinese by the way and I am 100% in English. Sometimes I can’t talk in Mandarin fluently either. I came to the USA in kindergarden.
I"m 100% fluent in English; I don’t have an accent or anything

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