Does she like me or not?

So sorry if this is a little long. I just wanted to make sure if she likes me or not. So here goes. Also, we both high school students and we’re both in the same grade.

So lets just say her name is D. So I’ve known her for about three years not. We’re both juniors, and we didn’t know each other too well until this year. So we’re both really smart, and I mean like top 2-3% of our high school.

So we both have trig class together, and she’s known for being a big cheater. I mean cheating on tests and homework. Not cheating on bfs. So I’ve heard from my friend, who’s chiense and went out with her in elementary school, that she was really different from what she is right now. Back then she was smart, cute, nice, studious, etc. Now she’s still smart, but she doesn’t try as hard, she can be nice, and she isn’t as studious as she used to be. Also I forgot to say that we’re both chinese. She’s part chinese and part egyptian.

So one day she was teaching this mexican girl how to speak chinese. She was saying "Oh no" in chiense. In case your wondering, she speaks mandarin and I speak both, but I’m better at cantonese. and if u dont have a clue what those two are, they’re just different dialects in china. So I try to get in on their conversation and I say that I know what it means and we started talking. THe girl who D was talking to was another one of my friends. Lets just call her R. So I used to like R. So I woudl always talk to her. So okay. Me and D spent like a hour talking about china and cultures etc. We would talk in chinese and she asked me when I would be going to china. So I said maybe this summer and she said that if I’m going to let her know because she wants to go with me. So that’s what kinda made me like her. Also she’s fairly attractive. I don’t usualy talk a lot, but this year I just started talking a lot. My friends were saying how she holds the key to me. Saying that shes the only one that can make me talk that much. So after a while, she would ask me for homeowrk and help on tests etc. Also the teacher is old, last yr teaching, and doesnt care much about what students are doing.

So we’re also both in badminton, and we would talk. She would talk to me in chinese and we would laugh. One of my friends, who’s also chinese, would talk to her, but she mostly concentrates on me. So she would beg me to help her in trig etc. So I would help her. I guess Im just one of those nice guys that gives in too easily. So we’re both fairly popoular. My friends would always tell me that she likes me. Then I would deny it and say that she’s getting close to me becuause she wants to do good in the class. THen she eventually stops asking me for work, help, etc. She asks R, my previous crush for help. And R is really good at math too. Also we’re in some school clubs together, so when we were voting for officers, she would look at me solely during them. For a long time. So during one of the club dinners, me and my friend go to it and we talk in chinese etc. We speak chinese in cantonese, which D doesnt understand. So she would stare at us and think that we’re talking about her. Every time I look at her, she would smile. So then me and her would talk in mandarin and laugh. So then the next day in school, when we see each other, we just laugh. I wanted to strike up a conversation with her, but I didn’t know what to say and she was with another one of her friends. So then near the end of the school eyar, we play BS, the card game, in teh trig class because we didn’t have a final. So she asks me to play and I’m like I dont kno how to and she says that she’ll teach me. Then she tells me to sit by her, so i do and she teaches me. So we had a really good time and then after the game, she asks me to make her a promise before she tells me what the promise was. I make fun of her kind of a lot beucase she’s a cheater etc. So then i keep on telling her that i wanna know what it is first before i acept it and she doesnt tell me. then my best friend B, goes up to her and says to tell him. so she asks him loudly if he wants to join a new world awareness club that she’s starting. so then she asks me if i wanted to join and i say yes. so then my friend B says yes also. so then she invites me to go to this aids world awareness thing at my local fairgrounds. which was today. so she has her license and i dont yet. so i ask her if i could get a ride to it and she says okay and my friend B asks as well. so then she asks me for my number and i give it to her and she asks for my friend. then today she texts me asking for my address and i tell her etc. then i try to get a conversation going about how i dont trust her driving and blahblahblah. we were having a good time. so it turns out that she not driving and that her friend J is. so we go there and we left after about 45 minutes. we then wanted to go to

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