Spanish or Mandarin? 10 PTS!?

I’m in the 8th grade (Middle School) and I’m picking my electives for next year when I’ll be in high school. I have everything decided except for which language I’m going to take. It’s between Spanish and Mandarin, a chinese language, for those of you who don’t know what it is. Last year and this year I have been taking Spanish as one of my electives but that’s a total credit of only 1 year of spanish. So if i do take spanish in high school, I’ll be starting at Spanish 2.
I already know some mandarin (I’m asian but born in the US, and i went to chinese school like four years or so ago, but dropped it after abt 2 years). I can speak a little and understand a little(verbally). But i can’t read or write at all.
I probably know more spanish than mandarin. I want to learn both languages, but can’t due to the other electives I’m taking and I’m not changing them. I’m kinda leaning towards spanish cuz most of my friends are taking that and I already started it for 2 yrs. But my parents want me to take mandarin because they say that it’ll help me more in the future (when i’m applying or have a job, etc) because in like 10 yrs china will be pretty powerful (they presently are getting more powerful) and that the US will need work w/china more. So when i’m applying for a job or something and i can speak mandarin, that’ll be good to talk w/clients that speak chinese.

Please tell me what you think i should choose and list why (pros and cons, etc.) Sorry that was kinda long. Thank you soo much!!

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