How do you pronounce Mandarin tones in LONG SENTENCES? What's the formula?

I started to take Chinese classes right now, and learned how to pronounce the tones in one or two syllable. If you have to talk in long sentences then how do you speak with correct tones?

For example:
你好!I know that for the "ni" part, I’m supposed to raise the voice even though it’s actually a third tone. On the "hao" part, I’m supposed to drop the voice, then raise it back. The same way goes for the 很好!I know how to pronounce the tones correctly if I have to speak in one syllable or two, but I don’t know how to do it long sentences or incomplete phrases.

Let’s say if you’re saying something like “我爱你因为你很可爱!(I love you b/c you’re cute)”. Then how do you pronounce the tones perfectly? I just need help with the tones? I don’t want to get laughed at.

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