How long does it take to Learn Mandarin Chinese?

I can practice anywhere from half-hour to an hour a day. I have no Chinese friends, but do get along w/ Chinese people. I want to live in Taiwan in 3/4 years.

Also, i want to know mandarin on a just speaking fluently level, not characters…

I already know pronunciation of hanyu pinyin, i’ve mastered the tones, and I am starting the grammar.
I have been to chinatown 4 times, and they said my pronunciation was very good. I don’t know exactly how fast I learn.

I have to teach myself. I’m on a tight budget. To hear other ppl speak mandarin, I have to go on YouTube and watch the news from Taiwan, or my favorite Taiwanese drama, Fated to Love You.

Also, if you could give me some advice on moving to Taiwan, that would be EXTREMELY helpful.

Thank You,


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