Translation in Chinese (Mandarin) and pinyin (little text from english) 10 point!?

Hello friends, please help me .
I need a translation in Chinese (mandarin) + pinyin WITHOUT using google translator.

could anyone translate this little text?

My name is Antonio
and I’m at the last year of Faculty of Economics at the University La Sapienza.
I’m 23 years old and I will graduate in october.
After graduation , i would want to take a trip to China.
I would like to visit the north of this great country, to enjoy unique beauties like Great Walls, Summer Palace , Temple of Heaven, and historically important Tian an Men square.
Another city that I want to visit is Xian, the old imperial capital – town, to see the famous 2000 old-year Terracotta Army.
I like going to the theater, and for this reason , I’d like to stay in Beijing at the Qianmen Hotel, also famous for some traditional dishes such as "sweetened focaccia", "a dragon’s beard noodles", and "donkey’s rolls".
Once back in Italy I will start working at a company that deals with security in workplaces,
first as an assistant in the accounting area, then as accountant of the company itself.

many thanks!

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