Can someone help with the pronunciation?

Can someone help with the pronunciation?
This is a song in CHinese.

I know how to pronounce it in MANDARIN, but not in HOKKIEN (which is the local dialect in Taiwan.)

Can someone please write down using English letters the Hokkien pronunciation of this song?

First to do so gets 10 points, thanks!

望春風﹕原收錄“鄧麗君轟動東南亞閩南語歌曲”(19… 專輯中﹐此曲於1933年發表﹐首唱為純純。

獨夜無伴守燈下 春風對面吹
十七八歲未出嫁 看著少年家
果然漂緻面肉白 誰家人子弟
想要問伊驚呆勢 心內彈琵琶

想要郎君做尪婿 意愛在心內
等待何時君來採 青春花當開
聽見外面有人來 開門甲看覓
月娘笑阮憨大呆 被風騙不知
BTW if the text appears funny (like squares and question marks), it means your PC doesnt have the necessary Chinese fonts.

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