Mandarin Chinese: Translation help please!?

So this is a paragraph I wrote in Chinese:

”大空间“在入口的前边。“大空间”在校园中间。它是公用。里边有一个厨房,自助餐厅,和空隙为活动。旁边是这的办公室。”大空间“后边是学科的建筑物。那座建筑物的右边是日宿舍还是nu的宿舍 。日宿舍的对面是月宿舍。男去nar。工程的建筑物在月宿舍下面。

This is what I meant it to say:

“Big room” at entrance’s front. “Big room” at campus’s middle. It is for public use. Inside has a kitchen, cafeteria, and space for activities. Nearby is this office. Behind “Big Room” is the science’s building. To that building’s right is Sun Dorm or girl’s dorm. Sun Dorm’s opposite is Moon Dorm. Boys go there. Below Moon Dorm is the engineering building.

~Could you tell me if I have the grammar and anything else right.

~I also want to change “Big room” to MPR (multi-purpose room) but I don‘t know how to write that in Chinese.

~Am I using “nu” (girl) and “nan” (boy) right?

~Oh, and when saying “ 学科的建筑物“ (science building), I am referring to a building where all the science studies will be taken and “工程的建筑物” (engineering building) for where the engineering classes will be but I can’t help but think I’m using that wrong. Is there a better way of saying those?

Thank you to those who answer these questions and help edit my work!

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