where is it best to learn mandarin for 1 month?

well i’m planning to go to china/hk/taiwan for like a month to learn mandarin but i wanna go there during the may to june season for a month during the beginning of my summer. I was wondering where you think it would be best to go and try to learn it. I know that this is a short period and i do not intend to be totally fluent in it, but at least i’d like to order at a restuarant and etc. Have any suggestions for programs? so far the only one i’ve found is https://www.centerforstudyabroad.com/hongkong.html where i study in hk, dunno if that is good or not considering they mainly speak canto there.

btw, i would like to go to taiwan to learn mandarin, but can’t find any good services that look commendable. any help would be greatly appreciated

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