Please help me learn Mandarin Chinese and other foreign languages?

I am 14, and turning 15 in about 4 months. I really want to learn foreign lanuages while I’m young. I really wish I learned how to speak foreign languages when I was younger, so I could have a head start. English is my first language, and I am fluent in it. My second language is Tagalog, but I can only speak a little bit. I can understand words, phrases, and accent of Tagalog. Therefore, watching Filipino soap operas is easy to me because I can understand what they are saying, but I sometimes get confused and have to ask someone to translate for me.

I’m currently raking Spanish 1, and I’m learning many words, but it’s sometimes difficult for me even though Tagalog is Spanish-influenced. Now I want to learn how to speak Mandarin Chinese. BTW, is there a difference between speaking Chinese and speaking Mandarin Chinese? Or is that the same? Can you please give me tips, so I can learn these languages? I want to take advantage of my age and be prepared.

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