Help with Chinese translation (Mandarin)?

I have to compose a short story for my Chinese class. If anyone could help correct any errors in my writing for this portion of the story, I would appreciate it! And sorry about the pinyin, I don’t know how to do characters on a computer ._.;;

Shang ge zhoumo wo hui jia le.
(Last weekend I returned home.)

Wo er shi xiaojie kai de dao.
(I can drive home in 20 minutes)

Wo de gongyu li wo jia bu yuan.
(My apartment from my home is not far)

Zai jia wo xian chi le zao wu fan, zai wo zou le wo de gong ke.
(At home first I ate brunch, then I did my homework.)

Wo mei ge zhou mo dou you gongke de dou.
(Every weekend I have a lot of homework)

Qi dian wo didi gen wo yiqi qu le dianyingyuan.
(At 7 o’clock my younger brother and I together went to the movie theater.)

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