Is it really that easy for Cantonese speakers to learn Mandarin?

Because I’m white and speak fluent English and Spanish…but in my Mandarin class everyone else is Cantonese (and one is something similar…) Anyways…it seems that it is 100 times easier for them to pick up Mandarin than it is for me…They consider studying a lot to be 3 hours. Studying a LITTLE for me is less than 10 hours. :/
And in that 3 hours they will learn an entire chapter or two…
and I’ll learn maybe 10 characters…and not even the sentence structure.
I hosted a Chinese exchange student when I was in high school and she spoke Mandarin and told me that the sentence structure was similar to English…but it seems OPPOSITE. :/
And my Cantonese boyfriend understands Mandarin.
Ummm…so yea…I’m just curious…*___*
Thanks in advance! =)

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