Where to learn Mandarin, Korean, and/or Japanese free online? And Tips?

I have been trying to learn these three languages but I need more good, FREE websites to learn them that have audio and help with conversation and WRITING.The websites I am listing are missing some major components like writing lessons, audio, or they only teach the basics.

Right now I am using:

For all three languages: livemocha.com and smart.fm

For Japanese: studyjapanese.org , japaneseclass.jp , realkana.com , and https://japanese.about.com/library/blbeginkanji.htm

For Korean: https://www.aeriagloris.com/LearnKorean/ , https://ezcorean.com/ , https://www.learn-korean.net/ , and https://learnkorean.elanguageschool.net/learning-korean-language

For Mandarin Chinese: https://www.chinese-tools.com/learn/chinese , https://www.learnchineseeveryday.com/ , and https://www.chinese-outpost.com/language/

Any suggestions as to what good free websites I should use or tips to learn one of these languages is REALLY appreciated!

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