This one mandarin song….HELPPP. :]?

Okay, I heard it like twice.
But i forgot where, and what’s it called, and who sings it. XD

I know it’s in mandarin.
Sung by a guy.
It’s kinda like, a rock-ish song.
In the beginning, it’s like accoustic.
and it goes like…
La la la la la la
la la la la lal

and then i lknow there’s like two lines AFTER the chorus that goes like
‘wo ai ne…….
may yi tian.

which means like, ‘i love you, each day’

SORRY, i don’t know pinyins or how to write out mandarin. XDD

does anyone know what i’m talking about?
if you have any CLUE to this song, just say it!
thank youuu. <3

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