learn mandarin in china?

Hi, have any of you been to China to learn Chinese??? I’m planning to go to China this summer to learn Mandarin (10 weeks)… But I have no idea about the country and stuff. I only speak little Chinese = ). I think I would go to Beijing bcos they speak pure Mandarin there. Which university should I go to? And any idea about the accomodation? I prefer to stay in a student dormitory, but apartments (preferably the cheap ones) will do…please give suggestions and (if possible) the rates.
And what kind of class do they offer?? Do the teachers there speak English? What about the classmates -local or international students- ?

yeah, a lot of questions..lol.
Any advice/suggestion would be very appreciated. Thanks!
FYI, I’m an indonesian but in Singapore right now..17 years old.

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