How difficult to learn Cantonese after Mandarin?

okay so im just curious. I already posted a question wondering if I would be learning Mandarin or Cantonese in high school and it seems like its more likely that I’ll be learning Mandarin (which I had guessed) and I was wondering how dif they are..i found some people that were saying cantonese is harder than mandrain, and stuff like that so im curious as to how different..someone also reminded me that they use the same characters but besides that it would be like trying to know spanish as a native english speaker… i was just curious as to the difference..i wanna learn canto more than mandarin cuz my fam was from Hong Kong but i figured it would help to have a little experience than having none..and im going to HK in two years as a 10th grader for a church student exchange prgram..would I be able to learn Mandarin and then learn Canto online and have a little less difficulty? i wanna be as good as I can at both languages as I am more interested in Asia than Europe becuz of my roots…thnx!

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