Can I learn basic mandarin after basic Cantonese?

Hi! I’m a native English speaker, and I only speak English and some French (since I’m in Canada). I have started to use Pimsleurs Cantonese learning software because i want to learn Cantonese. Perhaps when I complete it (12/30 lessons done) I will take classes to improve my learning. I know people who speak Cantonese (however I’m not Chinese so my family doesn’t) so I’d like to learn it. However I’d also like to learn mandarin since it’s the official language of china, and has 800 million (about?) speakers worldwide. Would I confuse my Cantonese if after this pimsleurs, I did the 100 lesson mandarin one? Also could I continue to learn Cantonese at the same time I do the mandarin lessons? I’m not to worried about the writing system, tho learning mandarin for pinyan would be very useful, Id much rather learn for the speaking aspect. Thanks for your help!!!!

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