What job should I get using my intermediate chinese skills??

I graduated with a Degree in Communications and minor in Chinese (mandarin). I currently work in PR where I don’t get to use chinese at all and I am losing my ability fast.
What can I do?? I probably should have chosen a business major or something like that but it’s too late now.
Everybody talks about such a need for chinese but what about intermediate level? Are there jobs that can help me develop my chinese so that I can be useful. Jobs in China? US? I would really like a job where I could use chinese. I’ve worked so hard and it seems like such a waste to just let all my learning go.
Oh and please don’t say teaching English. Been there, done that. I’m looking for a career. It was fun and all, but I didn’t use Chinese and I am definitely not interested in teaching English anymore.
Clarification: I actually did learn and develop a lot of my Chinese while teaching English. But I didn’t use chinese in the job which is my point. And teaching English is not what I want to do.

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