How should I let her know I like her?

I am going to say this to her?

Since her birthday is yesterday, I will wish her happy birthday. I will apologize to her for letting everyone know I like her and not letting her know. This is what I will say by phone.

I like you very much and I don’t expect you to like me back. I am sorry you were angry that I didn’t let you know I like you and you were angry with my friend because he didn’t let you know I like you. I like you because of your kindness, gentleness and you love to do charity. I have learned cooking because you are a homely girl, I have learned to be kind because you are a kind person. Even if you don’t like me back, but in your honor I will always be kind as you thought me what a kind person is. I have learned mandarin in hope that I can talk with you better. Even if you don’t like me back, I still can now talk mandarin. If you have any problems be it work or anything I will always be lending a ear to you. I will always be there for you no matter what happens whether you love me or not.
Even if she doesn’t like me I hope she finds someone who likes her since she is 28? I want her to be happy and nothing more. This my posts previously about her.I just hope my message is good enough. I wish she would like me back but if not I want to personally see she has a good life. I am just so sorry I didn’t let her know I like her before I left the company. I have tried to be a nice guy to suit her. I like cooking too. I wish I could wake up every morning cooking breakfast for her, cleaning up her house, looking after her parents because she love her parents and anything that will make her happy I gladly do it. I will do anything in my power to make her happy.I have never felt this way before with any girls.
I think she likes me, here is why.;_ylt=AgFvXycOqixoFAFgjWkT0_Hsy6IX?qid=20070612234340AAU4huY
To one of the person who replied, of course I don’t expect anything back, I will tell her that and of course I mean what I say.

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