I can speak write read and type mandarin.what kind of job can i find in philippines ?

I can speak write read and type mandarin
but im a little weak at english
can speak tagalog with people
simple english.
where and what kind of job can i find in manila philippines?
the other problem is im just almost (after this month) 18
years old…have working experience.but only at restaurant
the other thing is
im exactly filipino
i was born in philippines
raice in philippines and taiwan
but i live in taiwan while im teenage ( im only 17 years old now..almost 18 no far)
tutoring is hard to find students
cause there wasnt that more parents belive at the age of 17….to tutor there sons
but i really have a great skills in mandarin.
the same time im also learning the character of china (shortcut ? i dont what it call)
by looking the front and the back of the sentence,its not hard for me to know the meaning of the sentence

for the call center . i really dont know about the things of that job.and it seems you need to be very well in english,too…as you see,im not that good in english…but basic english and tagalog comunication to people is not problem for me
( age is the really one big problem )
raised..not raice…see 🙁 my english isnt that good (but someday i will master it too)
tourist guides …eh..
for truth. i never mind about it
= = manila isnt really a place that tourist are going to
most of tourist go to cebu or other more island look …..
im in manila Q.C.
thank for all of advsie 🙂

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