Why are Canto people in Hong Kong and Guangdong racist towards people who speak Mandarin?

I was in HK for a few days with a friend who spoke canto and although HKers tended to be nice towards him, they treated me like a piece of garbage and called me a "sai dai 6 yun". I was even dressed up nicely in brand name clothes and Louis Vuitton shoes just to show the Cantonese that us Mandos are clearly superior to them.

Why do they hate Mandarin people so much? My friend is from Guangdong province and he didn’t have any problems because he spoke canto. Also, people in Guangdong also treated me badly cuz they thought I was a Fujianese or Henan person and called me "sai oww shan yun" or out of province person.

Why are Cantonese think they are so superior? They clearly are poorer than the Mandarin and the richest Chinese people in the world are Mandarin while the Cantonese are nothing but autistic racists.

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