mandarin translation again .. im really inlove with mandarin !?

maybe you could feel
and you might know
what i’m hiding
but i tell you, you wont want to know

better to keep it this way,
i have used to love secretly
and i can keep the hurt inside of me
but i’ll still love you

i wanted you to know
but i dont have the courage
because im afraid to hear the words
you might say

i’m ok for what we have
yesterday has been enough
and tomorrow
i hope i’d still be beside you
even if i know we can only be friends
it’ll be fine but if i need to leave,
I promise you,
I’ll be watching over you
from up above the stars
and even death i’m willing to face
beg God to let me live
one last time and love you again

PINYIN please ! and is it nice ? i really want to know if it is nice or lame !! oh please !! im begging you !
hehe .. this is my own composition !! is it nice ?? tell me please !

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