Simple Mandarin translation please?

I am on my school’s ping pong team. I play the funny caucasian person who can’t communicate with anyone else very efficiently. We are taking a trip to St. Louis this weekend for a tournament and I think it would be fun for me to say something in Mandarin to the people I’m driving before we leave.

I am a linguistics student, so you can use IPA contour markers or some sort of superscript to denote tone. Whatever it be, I’ll be able to understand it (unless your handwriting sucks).

I’d like to say:

Let’s go!

To St. Louis! (idiomatic equivalent)

Buckle up! (as in seat belts)

and one last one that I think I could use to make things funny.

"Of course" (like "yes, obviously")

Thanks people for your help. I’d look this stuff up myself, but it might be better for me to finish my homework and let you Mandarin speakers provide me with correct translations.

I appreciate your help

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