are there hotzones where i can meet folks who i can talk to online in chatrooms?

Any websites? Apparently, I need more internet friends to chat normal discussions. Most people who do talk to me are usually a friend or two and guys who I had some sexual history with (and its seriously awkward to talk to them when I have a boyfriend).

I usually go on the chatrooms in japancupid, or IRC (though no specific channels to go to anymore..)…
Its just that I hardly have anyone to talk to anymore. Most of my former bestfriends just walked away from me because they fell in love with me and I did not returned the feeling, and it became too awkward for them to even chat with me!

I’m a gamer too, so meeting ppl who r into games n recreational stuff helps too!
My bf thinks I’m desperate and I have no life (ie, he told me to go out with my friends or concentrate in school; that got me pissed), but its not true… I just don’t have many people to talk to.

But today I’m going downtown for a mandarin language gatherring, it might be interesting and I may meet new folks. But I still prefer an online talkative friend on msn or sumthing.

To punish my bf, I’m not gonna talk to him until sunday -__-;;;

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