Why to learn mandarin?

Ok I live in southamerica…. and I learned english a few years ago, because I know that english is spoken everywhere… or almost. I mean if someone wants a second language, he/she would choose english… so I took it as the best option.
BUT!…. now everybody talks about learning mandarin…. I hate it. I hate them talking about the (FUTURE) importance of it and I hate the language (with all respect to Mandarin speakers).
They all say "Business with china make mandarin indispensable"…. but I really disagree… because as I said in a lot of industrialized countries people talks english…. specially if it’s about business ¬¬.
Maybe is just thay I don’t want to learn a new language, and my rejection to mandarin… but what I say makes sense…. at least for me….
So…. why to learn it?… is like learning a strange language in of any other weird country of asia just for that… ¬¬

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