chinese (mandarin) translation pls?

does anyone know where to get the trasnlation for the titles of Lollipop’s new album (GyaShan) ? just the titles… or you can give a loose translation, i want to know what they mean…
thz here they are

Lollipop – Gyashan track list :
01 Yes!
02 Wo Men Zhi Jian
03 Meng Xiang Ba Shi
04 Bian Shen San Fen Zhong
05 Na Li Pa
06 Xing Fu Jiu Hao
07 Tempo (Gen Zhe Wo De Tempo
08 Wo Yi Jing Zhang Da
09 Na Yi Tian
10 Make Me A Fool
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Additional Details
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01. Yes!
02. 我們之間
03. 夢想巴士
04. 變身三分鐘
05. 哪裡怕
06. 幸福就好
07. 跟著我的Tempo
08. 我已經長大
09. 那一天
10. Make Me A Fool
pls don’t answer at all if you’re not going to help

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