English to Mandarin translation – Simple summary?

Can someone help me translate this summary (of my winter break) into Mandarin? (Simplified, NOT traditional?)
It doesn’t have to be very complicated; hard words. I actually perfer very very simple words. I don’t understand manadarin, and I find my teacher to be very unfair, so whatever. If this isn’t too hard for you, i’d appreaciate it.

Summary :

During my 2008 Winter Holiday, I spent most of the time working at McDonalds. It wasn’t really busy, due to the big amounts of snow. We had to help do alot of shovelling. By the end of the week, I almost made 0. Other then working, I spent most of my time with my family, like on Christmas, or on New Years; took a break off work.
Over the Holiday, I had a great time, because I slept in late, no school.

Thanks! Points will be awarded. Please keep the chinese SIMPLIFIED, NOT TRADITIONAL (because I don’t know it 🙂 thanks ! )
BTW! Please don’t copy and paste to google’s translator ! It does direct translations, which isn’t correct

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